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" A lie has present but it has not future"
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SAUR Like other esoteric schools we celebrate spring equinox and fall equinox; where sun crosses by the equatorial line and the magnetism is superior of a any other day. For this reason we utilize the egg for energy cleansing; the egg is a symbol of initiation o life everything starts with a egg.
Cleansing with the egg is one our practices, the results have been excellent through the years, could take away, sicknesses, pains and bad vibrations that we pick up on our daily lives.


Everyday History:
Farmer chose a revved-up lifeBY DAVID HARDING

There are legends up in the Niobrara River country about mysterious creatures, unusual people and paranormal occurrences. A farmer named Danny Liska helped to perpetuate some of these stories in his books, including "The Ponca Curse" and "River Rat Town.
"His books were imaginative and locally controversial, but no more so than his own life. The burly son of a hard-working farming and ranching family, Liska tossed hay bales and herded cattle alongside his three brothers.

They appreciated his limitless energy, but Danny drove them nuts. He had a wild streak that didn't fit well with the constant demands of farm life. He kept one eye on the family acreage while the other scanned the horizon and unknown terrain beyond.

When he turned 16 in 1946, Danny bought a motorcycle. According to his sister-in-law, Jean Liska, Danny brought it by the family place so everyone could admire it. Then he took off down the road for a test drive. He didn't return that day or the next, and his parents worried he had landed in a ditch.

On the third day after his disappearance, they started gathering neighbors for a search. Then they got a phone call from their son.He was in Mexico.

In a nutshell, that's the story of Liska's life. He worked his farm diligently while his imagination bubbled with impossible notions. When it bubbled over with some wild idea, he went after it. His brothers were left to pick up the slack back at the ranch.

Liska's most famous adventure started around 1960 with a ride to Alaska. He piloted his BMW motorcycle as far as the Arctic Circle, then spun around and decided to follow the Pan-American Highway all the way to the tip of South America. The road disappeared in places and Liska had to find his own way. He loaded his bike on a canoe for a river crossing and hacked his way through trackless jungle with a guide. He dodged snakes, ate monkey and negotiated with tribes known for cannibalistic tendencies.

In Argentina, Liska heard about a movie in the making. He showed up and when the producers learned he could ride a horse, they shaved his head and used him as a stunt double for Academy-Award winning actor Yul Brynner.

Liska's feats created quite a stir back in the States, partly because he wrote articles and a book about his adventures. BMW gave him a new motorcycle, which prompted another unlikely trek, this time from northern Norway to southern Africa. The company was so impressed it created an ad campaign around his travels.

In 1968, he met a Colombian woman as energetic and unconventional as he was. A politician, spiritual healer and teacher, Regina Betancur served in the Colombian senate and ran for the nation's presidency on a fringe party ticket. She and Liska married in 1973 and had a daughter.

Known as Regina XI, Liska's wife was believed to cure the sick and possess other metaphysical powers. She operated spiritual centers in Colombia where thousands of peasants gathered to see her perform levitations and other wonders. She also taught financial survival seminars for the poor.

Liska and his wife planned to open a metaphysical institute in Niobrara, but it never materialized. He returned annually to check on his farm until he was diagnosed with leukemia in 1992. While Liska's health deteriorated, his wife was kidnapped by a rebel group and kept in hiding for five months.

Danny Liska died in 1995, two months after his wife's release from captivity. His legacy includes nearly a dozen books he wrote and published. "Two Wheels to Adventure," Liska's popular book about his pan-American motorcycle voyage, is now a collector's item, selling on the Internet for more than $200.I'd love to read it, so if you ever come across a more affordable copy, let me know. ,Copyright 2009 Omaha World-Herald. All rights reserved.---------- End of Story ----------

At Eleven of the Night

I'm not sure it mourn the joy or the tristesa so this coming. Today on November 4 at eleven o'clock in the evening, Barack Obama appointed as the new president of the United States. The feeling that runs across the images is incredible and it coincidence that at eleven o'clock in the evening it was named as the winner. The feeling of pride is incredible, so many people are so happy and live the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King.


hola mi nombre es daniela y quisiera que estae articulo sea puesto en la pagina internet de saurologia en ingles

To everyone

Hello my name is Daniela. I’m really happy to know that other people in other countries are interest in Regina’s teaching about saurology even know that I come from Colombia when I lived in Colombia I never heard about all the good stuff she teach.Anyways I didn’t write here to talk about me. I’m writing because I’m really impress about what she did to my brother, what happened was that my brother was born with this kind of bone on his little hand we talked to the doctors about it and they said that they were going to start a treatment when he will turn 5 years old but still my mother didn’t know what to do so she thought Regina could help her, so she started to put my brother’s little hand in the computer when she listens to Regina’s radio programs and the little bone finally disappeared and we’re so happy about it.And we will not forget what she did for us so if you could realize that she is the one and only that can teach us the right stuff she doesn’t want the bad stuff for us the only thing that she wants it’s help us.
from: Daniela (canada,vancouver)

Day of the holy cross, 3rd of May

Abstract taken from the book: metafisica 7 en 1 by Regina 11, (Metaphysics 7 in 1).

Why should the holy cross be celebrated on the 3rd of May?

Because it is the day in which all the earthly energies unite in the cosmos forming a giant magnetic cross, this cross is precisely the one that causes lots of thunderstorms. Some people has the capacity to observe this. It should be taken into account that it is an important date for Kabbala and other occult traditions. The cross has an extrodinary magnetism. Without knowing, when you make the symbol of the cross you are protecting your self and channeling your energy. It is similar to when your parents or priest bless you by making the cross, they are giving you a net that will protect you from any harm.

What should we do on this day?

  • Make a meeting of 2 or more people, the bigger the group the better as human energy works effectively when people works together, any wish you desire would come into effect easier.
  • Before making this prayer, you should make a cross out of wood, the wood should be found near your home; put the cross near food grains so you will have abundance in your house for 1 full year.
  • Time is not important, however 9am or 3 pm would be ideal for the rite.
  • Must have a container to put all your wishes
  • Every person should write or draw in a paper all that he or she wants to obtain in the coming year. Nobody should look at your drawin or letter, avoid looking at others paper as their wishes wont happen and it will be so for you.
  • One person must lead the 1000 jesus prayer, making the symbol of the cross, to which people will respond in chorus jesus 10 times. The person that leads the prayer should say: Satan do not count with me as i will name jesus name 1000 times.
  • The prayer must be prayed by 20 times as if it was a rosary. Once the prayer is finished insence should be placed in the container to burn the paper in which people wrote their wishes or future plans. The unconscious in a conscious state deposits energy through our hands all the drawings and writtings which will reach this phenomenon of the holy cross. Being a day in which all energies unite, once we burn these papers, all our drawings and writtings will take effect slowly until each one takes effect.

Last day of the year with Regina 11

One of the gifts that the divine providence has given to Regina "11" is to meet with humanity. This happens every 31st of December, however those that practice Saurology celebrate the end of the year on the 5th of January.

On the last day of the year Regina 11 makes a trance, through which she travels around the whole world, and visits every human being; one way to be in communication with her at that particular moment is with a Lime.

1. take the lime and cut it in two, which will end up in three parts.
2. place the open lime in a visible area, it could be on the dinning table, or bedside table until 12:30-1 am; you can then eat it in any way you please, make sure to preserve the skin.

3. get the lowest bill in your local currency, send it to the closes reginist dentre, or contact any of the masters about i.

4. The bill will be worked on for the first days of the year so your wealth and luck will multiply and the the bill will be donated to one of the reginist centres or schools.

by: Sonia Sanchez-Translated from :
A thought is the most powerful energy that exists, and it determines wether your life is going to be sad or if it is going to be a gratifying experience. Regina 11